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Boat Service

Boat Service

Boat Service & Repair near Idaho Falls, ID

Boat Maintenance

Our trained and professional staff know everything there is about boat repair. We have 3 certified marine technicians who are certified with the top brands on the market today. We have recently added a boat repair pond to better improve our hull maintenance. This allows our marine technicians to test the boats here at our dealership, giving you superior service over the competition. Not only are our technicians trained in boat restoration and maintenance, they’re well versed in boat winterization as well, so they can also help you prepare for the upcoming cold months. Stop on by our dealership and let us get your prized possession back on the water.

Service Recommendations and Delivery

Schedule your boat for service online at the bottom of this page or call our service department at 208-233-6330.

Need Help?

Call our service department at (208) 238-5857.

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